Our Mission

Since Ashleigh’s death we have worked tirelessly to help promote safety and education in hopes that we can prevent another loss of another child on our waterways.

We successfully lobbied to change the law of solo operation of a personal water craft from age 14 to age 16 (which falls in line with the PWIA and NABSAC Model Act). This new law, Ashleigh Iserman Law, comes in effect in 2011.

We continue to work closely with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol and Water Rescue Unit to help educate our boaters and keep our families safe on our lakes. Despite major budget cuts, the Marine Division officers are dedicated to keeping our boaters and their families safe on our waterways.

Oakland County Waterway Facts

  • There are 493 Named lakes and bodies of water (Oakland County GIS)
  • 44 Named rivers/streams/creeks, 298 miles (Oakland County GIS)
  • 70 Square miles of water
  • 8036 Students certified in Boater Safety, 84 classes held
  • 37 Public boat launches
  • 85 Safety presentations and Special events
  • 34 Livery’s, 716 boats inspected
  • 298 Boater assists (tows)